Welcome to Softnet

Offering SoftGov Solution to Governments

- Specifically built for the Automation of Government processes -

Welcome to Softnet

Offering SoftCorp Solutions to Corporate Entities

- Automated Systems for Corporate Institutions -

Welcome to Softnet

Offering SoftOne Solutions to Individuals

- We Create a lifestyle Application Concept for individuals -

Best Quality Systems

Softnet is committed on delivering high-tech quality solutions to her numerous customers. We offer Responsive, Scalable and Reliable Solutions

We Offer Robust Systems

Our Customers worry less on technology reliability because Softnet is involved, We go extra mile to ensure optimum service/solution provisions.

Easy to Integrate

All our solutions are easy to integrate, Customize and adapt in any environment, just plug and play.

Softnet products and key features

  • Government Solution, designed to aid collection of revenues and automation of government processes
  • Corporate Solution, an easy to use ERP solutions for all organizations including security solutions
  • A lifestyle application for individuals including social networking solutions on different sectors

Softnet has been in the automation of businesses and processes since 2011. We have generated revenues for both state and federal governments in different automation projects. We are committed in offering high-tech solutions to our customers .

Our Projects

Softnet Project Portfolio in pictures

What Client Say

Clean and Modern design is our best specialist
Gambi Umar
MD/CEO Vents

Softnet is an awesome company that delivers as they promise, I'm delighted for using softnet payment solution to drive my businesses.

Rose Okpara
Executive Director

Our corporate payment was automated by Softnet since 2016 till date, we have saved 30million due to the automation.

Just plug and play... easy to use